domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

actividades durante un dia comun

6:30am - awakening
6:45am - to gerout -- get up
6:50-7:10am - take a shower and to dress oneself
7:15am - take a break fast
7:22am - brush my teeth
7:25am - com my hair
7:35am - leave my house for to go to the school
7:50am - get to school
8:00am - enter the classroom
10:00am - leave the classroom
10:55am - go to the english class
11:00am - leave of the class
12:05pm - go to the programation class
1:00pm - go to my home to eat
1:30pm - brush my teeth
3:00pm - leave my house for go to the school
4:00pm - go to the TGS class
5:00pm - go to the mecanica clasica class
6:00pm - leave of the school
7:00pm - return to my house
8:00pm - dinner
8:20pm - brush my teeth
8:30pm - watch TV
9:30pm - do homework
11:30pm or 12:00am - go to sleep

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